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November Health Awareness Calendar

American Diabetes Month COPD Awareness Month Diabetic Eye Disease Month Lung Cancer Awareness Month National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month National Family Caregivers Month National Healthy Skin Month National Hospice Palliative Care Month National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month 19th Great American Smokeout 22nd International Survivors of Suicide Day…

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IAB Corporate Health Fair

5 Steps for Planning a Successful Wellness Program

It's no secret that a good company wellness program saves money through reduced healthcare costs and lower turnover rates. But in order for your business to get the most out of its wellness program, you must first determine ways to truly engage your employees rather…

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Recognizing Stress in Employees (& How to Help)

Stress is a normal and even necessary part of life but experiencing too much of it, too often can wreak havoc on health, personal relationships and even work life. And there's a lot of stress out there. From over scheduling to financial concerns, most of…

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Bring Breast Cancer Awareness to the Workplace

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and a great opportunity to reach out to your employees and local community through education, fundraising and events. However, getting your business involved in the good cause doesn’t need to be a huge sacrifice in time or finances.…

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Increase Office Productivity with Healthier Snacks

It's no secret that free snacks at the office increase employee satisfaction, but you may want to think twice before rolling out the endless supply of chips and sodas. When it comes to promoting productivity throughout the day, the types of foods your employees munch…

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The Real Costs of Sick Employees

The Real Costs of Sick Employees at Work and Tips to Combat It Colder weather is here and you have probably already begun hearing that familiar chorus of sniffles and coughs around the office.  But sick employees showing up to work is a bigger issue…

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