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Employers are looking to provide their employees with every available avenue to better health. By posting a workshop or screening you offer, you provide employers additional avenues in promoting wellness in the workplace with targeted wellness education.

Wellness Workshops/Screenings are sessions during which a single healthcare or financial vendor can educate employees on a specific topic or provide screenings for the employees during a scheduled time. Workshops/Screenings can be held at the provider’s location or on-site at the employer’s location.

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IAB members may post any employee targeted workshops/screenings your company offers. Your services can be provided at the employer’s site (which is preferred) or your site. Employers are encouraged through our web and targeted email campaigns to promote and utilize your services as an integral part of their corporate wellness initiative.

Your profile page provides you with many useful links, including a link to post any wellness workshops and or screenings you offer. Workshops range from diabetes care, weight loss, nutrition, back care, stress management, financial education and much more.


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