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Q: Why should I become a user on the IAB website?

A: Becoming a user is free and is quick and easy to do. Users are given a company profile page that is searchable within the IAB wellness network. Profiles match up services, insurance benefits and locations to the employee’s needs, giving every employer and their employees’ access to all avenues to promoting and living a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Why must I become a user to see the complete employer’s event page?

A: Each health fair is protected due to the private employee demographic and insurance information it provides. This information is not for public knowledge and is restricted to all non-users.

Q: What is the cost of participating in a health fair?

A: Each health fair is priced at .50 cents (or less) per anticipated attendee.  All employees receive participating providers information in their event announcements; however, sponsorship fees are based on the face-to-face contact a participating vendor is due to receive. Members participate in all health fairs for FREE.

Q: Why is it important to have my profile complete?

A: Your profile is your storefront withing the IAB Wellness Network. The more complete your profile is, the more matches you will get within searches and receiving notifications when your services have been requested.

Q: Who can see my information on the IAB Wellness Network?

A: Each Wellness Provider’s profile is public on the IAB website. Profiles are easily accessed when employers and/or their employees are searching for services. You can make your profile private and anytime by changing your privacy setting on your profile.

Q: How will I get alerted of upcoming health fairs in my area?

A: Once you become a user, you are notified via email of any upcoming events in your area. You may turn off these notifications at any time by changing your privacy settings on your profile.

Q: How do I register to display in a health fair?

A: Login to the IAB Wellness Network. Click on the event you wish to register for. Simply click the register link. Fill in the details and click summit request. Non-members will be required to provide credit card information for event fee. The card is not billed unless request is approved. Members register for free and bypass this option.

The employer will receive a notification of your request to participate with registration details and a link to your profile. If your services fit the employer’s specific needs, the registration is approved and a confirmation is emailed to you where you can then add the event to your calendar. You will also be notified if any changes pertaining to the event are made.

Q: What is provided when paying the sponsorship fee per Health Fair?

A: From event announcements to company wellness directories, you are included in each company’s wellness information. Your table and chair are provided for you at the health fair as well. If you need access to electric, extra floor space or have specific needs for your provided screenings, that can be provided as well, just let us know when you are filling out your registration form. Too, you can edit your “Event Needs” tab on your profile to include this information.  Booth amenities are listed on each event page. Be sure to read more information about what you get at a health fair on our Participating in Corporate Health Fairs page under “What’s Included”.

Q: Why should I become a member?

A: Member profiles have many great upgraded features including the ability to add photos, post workshops and include a direct click to contact link. Health Fair members participate in unlimited health fairs and post workshops with no additional fees. Workshop Members can post unlimited workshops.

Q: Will exclusivity be granted for my service category at the health fair?

A: Each health fair is designed around the employer group’s needs. It is at the employer’s discretion whether or not they allow more than one provider with the same services in their event.

Q: I’m a health care provider who would like to post a workshop on your website. Is this possible?

A: Yes, members are allowed to post their workshops on their profile for employer groups to search and utilize. Employers are also able to contact you to request more information about your workshops and any other services you may offer.

Q: Why should I post Wellness Workshops?

A: The IAB Wellness Network has many employer groups utilizing our provider’s workshops and scheduling routine screenings as part of their monthly wellness programs. IAB promotes these services directly to our network of employers and on most social media networks. Our marketing efforts are targeted around the Wellness Observance Calendar and related topics. Wellness is a year-around topic in the corporate world and employer groups are always looking for useful information they can bring on-site for their employees. We promote you while you remain focused on providing valuable education and services. A true win-win scenario.

Q: How do I cancel my Membership?

A: If you are interested in cancelling your IAB Membership, please contact us and request your membership to be cancelled.

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