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IAB Health Productions, LLC connects wellness providers with employer groups seeking to give their employee’s direct access to wellness programs and services that can increase the overall health and well-being of their organization.


User platform for executing on-site wellness educational solutions for your employees.


Wellness Providers/Vendors

User platform to integrate your wellness services and education within the worksite.

Our Mission & Our Driving Philosophy

“Our motivation is simple – to collaborate, connect and empower each other with vital knowledge for the most important aspects of our lives – optimum health and wellness.”
– Wanda Farnham, Founder & President, IAB Health Productions, LLC

Since our founding in 2009, we’re proud to share that IAB Health Productions has produced many of the most successful on-site health fairs and workshops for major corporations and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. The key to what has made us a trusted resource for organizations, wellness providers, and the individual attendees of these events is our genuine dedication to healthful living education and our core belief that knowledge is power. The IAB mission is built upon the following pillars and the founder, Wanda Farnham’s, driving philosophy:

Recognize and respect the power of the human body: The human body is our greatest tool and our most important treasure. Corporations and organizations owe it to their employees to respect their well being and recognize healthy employees as their most valuable assets. Facilitating events and fostering an optimized online network for organizations and their employees makes it possible for individuals to fully understand all health and wellness options available to them for living happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Strive to create win-win-win solutions for all involved in IAB’s health events while honoring each other at all times: Understanding that everyone involved with an IAB event and registered with the IAB online wellness network respects each other’s interests and shares a dedication to health and wellness makes it easy to deliver winning solutions for all. This includes participating healthcare and wellness providers, IAB’s corporate hosts and their employees, and IAB’s staff of professionals.

Live fully and treat every experience as a lesson: Life is a classroom, and the experiences we have are all opportunities for learning that can prepare us for situations in the future. We cannot predict what the future holds, but we can make the best possible use of the present by employing positive outlooks and choices, while embracing change with each new day.

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