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Make the rest of your life the best of your life!!  IAB Health Productions, LLC partners with thousands of Wellness Providers, all offering paths toward better health. IAB makes it easy for you to select specific service providers that participate with your insurance plan or offer group discounts, all within your predetermined travel distance.

SOURCE Wellness Providers
Find local wellness providers in your area with the simple IAB search feature. Each provider’s profile highlights an overview of the provider’s services and locations. Learn more…

ATTEND Wellness Workshops
Local providers offer enlightening workshops open to anyone interested in learning how to lead a well-balanced, healthy, happy lifestyle. These information rich workshops can be facilitated at your work site or the provider’s site, and range from diabetes care, weight loss, nutrition, back care, stress management, financial education and much more. Learn more…

CREATE a Healthier YOU
The key to positive well-being is incorporating healthy choices and activities into your everyday life, eventually turning those choices into habits that last a lifetime.

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