How to Bring Wellness to Your Workplace

IAB Health Productions was founded as a tool to bring Wellness into the Workplace.  We believe wellness education is important, given the amount of time individuals spend in the workplace and the impact health has on employee performance and associated benefits cost. At IAB, we promote workplace wellness in various ways: through our corporate health fairs across the nation, our National Wellness Calendar downloads, monthly Wellness Newsletter, blog posts, and a variety of social media platforms.

We utilize our social media accounts to highlight wellness observances and promote our health fair events to vendors. But how can you make the most of them? Here are some ways that you can achieve Wellness in your Workplace.

2022 Wellness Observance Calendar

We provide perhaps the most comprehensive list of Wellness Observances and resources available on the internet. Each year it is updated with new links and information to benefit you most.

We highly recommend staying ahead of the curve and planning the observances you want to highlight in your office setting. Not every observance will be relevant to every place of employment, but there is plenty to choose from.

Many of the resources listed have posters and infographics available. These are excellent tools for your workplace education that you can post on bulletin boards and in break rooms. Think of common areas where employees will frequently see the information and be able to apply it to their personal health.

Downloading our Wellness Calendar will also give you access to our monthly email newsletter. Newsletters highlight upcoming wellness observances a month in advance, giving you plenty of time to gather resources and information for your employees. We’ll also provide links to relevant wellness blog posts that include in-depth information about carefully selected wellness topics.

Utilize our Free Health Fair Planning Tools

As an employer or broker for a company, you are eligible to use our FREE health fair planning tools. Corporate events of any kind can be time-consuming and exhausting to plan. From the very beginning of IAB’s inception, we’ve done our best to simplify that process for you.

Rather than spending time hunting down appropriate vendor booths for your Health Fair, we take care of promoting the event and capitalizing on relationships with vendors that we’ve already built. You’ll also have the option to use some tried and true vendors that you know you want, and approve or deny any who apply to participate.

Once you’ve registered your free account with us, you’ll receive personalized instructions on how to move forward in the process. We’ll help you every step of the way. There is no charge to you for these services. The fees paid by the vendors cover those costs.

Many of our Vendors also offer Health and Wellness Workshops that can be offered on-site at your workplace. We have a database available for you to search for desired health topics and instructors.

Share Information

You can locate IAB Health Productions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We post about each upcoming event that is accepting vendors, giving opportunities for multiple health care providers in each area to participate. We also emphasize important Wellness Observances each month, linking to Wellness Blogs and our Wellness Calendar.

These observance posts are always filled with key information about the importance of each specific issue. The posts are easy to share and a great reminder for what’s being talked about in the health and wellness arena at that particular time of year.

Our main goal is in bringing Wellness to the Workplace. We want to make sure that you are equipped with as many resources and opportunities as we can possibly provide. We welcome your feedback! How can we do more to help you spread awareness in your place of employment? IAB is always seeking new and effective ways to help people stay healthy and informed.

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