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A virtual health fair (VHF) enables employees to virtually visit vendor booths. Employees can chat with vendors as they view a video presentation from the vendor.  Create your free profile to host or participate in a virtual health fair.

How it works

Similar to on-site events, vendors register to participate in a VHF. The employer will review the vendor’s registration, their services, and what they provide; if they feel the vendor is a fit, the registration is approved, and the communication portal is then enabled between the vendor and event coordinator. Click here for a sample event. For demonstration purposes, you will need to check-in as an employee would when entering their event.

Hosting an Event

It is simple to post your event on the IAB site. You can use your own vendors or allow IAB resource vendors for you. All the tools you need from your interactive event management dashboard to your virtual exhibit hall is provided within this platform.  Click here Full details about hosting a VHF.

“We have truly enjoyed this platform.  Lot’s of our employees have to visit customer sites during the day so giving them the option to be able to visit the booths at a later time has been fantastic.  I’ve also heard from several employees how “easy” it was to go from booth to booth.  No hassle. No hold up.  They can stay as long or as little as they want and if they don’t really want to talk to anyone they don’t have to.”

Virtual Vendors

Wellness providers can now connect virtually with employees. Setting up a virtual booth is super simple for those that are not technical. This is a great way to cost-effectively share your services and chat with employees safely.  Click here for full details on how to participate as a vendor in a VHF.

“Wow that was fantastic! Great turnout and feedback from clients. The positive survey answers re: logistics speak to the ease of virtual booth setup, great pre and post event communication with IAB staff. Thanks!

The Virtual Event

Participating vendors booths are colorfully listed in the event Exhibit Hall. As employees enter their event they check-in and proceed to their desired booth. Vendors have many features they may add to their virtual booth accessible to the visitors including the following.

  • Pre-recorded video presentation
  • A link to scheduling an appointment with the vendor 
  • Discount coupon 
  • Brochures 
  • Full details about the vendor including a photo of the raffle prize they are donating.

Vendors upload a pre-recorded video that sits within their booth. Visitors can view the video presentation and live chat with the vendors.

Why not live presentations?

After much testing with both live and pre-recorded videos, we found that booths with a pre-recorded video had more repeat visits and the time the visitor spends in the booth is extended. Because our events remain available for employees to visit for 60 days after the event, the video tells the story whenever the employee decides to visit or revisit their event.

With firewall restrictions and ease of use for the employer, employee and vendors in mind, we kept our site simple. No additional software or permissions are required to use the virtual platform. We hope everyone involved has a great long lasting experience.

Event Day

Vendors join their Virtual Booth no later than 15 minutes prior to the event time. The employer will go through to check in with each vendor prior to the event time. Employees are given a link to their event, which they share with their employees. As employees enter the event the employer will see as employees check-in and the booths they have visited.

Booth Interaction

As employees enter the booth, their name will appear in the chatbox. This allows vendors to interact with employees as they would if they were physically at their booth. Employees can ask the vendors questions via chat, download brochures and coupons, schedule appointments, and request follow-up from the vendor.

Virtual booths also give employees access to other tabs within the vendor’s profile, including the About, Locations, Workshops and Ratings tabs.


Secure space to interact during COVID-19. Extremely cost-effective for both employers and vendors.

Save time by cutting out the drive and booth set up time. We safely invite employees to view your office, staff, and/or products with one click of a button.

Save on printed material and giveaways. Although a single raffle prize is required, the small giveaways and handouts are not necessary for a virtual health fair. Brochures and discount coupons are uploaded to the booth for employees to download and print on demand.

Employees are given a link to request more information and scheduling software can be linked, making a virtual health fair a safe and effective way to bring wellness to the workplace.

The event link remains available for employees to visit 60 days after the event is over. For any employees that missed the event or would like to revisit a booth, they can return to your booth to review your video or download materials.

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