Women Poetry Circle

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

Join us! Free Women’s Poetry Circle on Saturday, June 18, 12:00-2:00pm. Online.

This exciting, free event will include reading and analyzing feminist poetry, listening to dramatic and compelling spoken word, and composing our a personal poem telling our paste, present, and future story.

**Please email Jo at jo@tulasoul.com to register.

Email early as there are materials to be emailed to you upon registration!

A 6-week poetry circle series will be offered after this initial class if you’re interested.

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4-week Strong Body | Strong Spirit Program

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

Available on-demand anytime, and with LIVEstream cohorts seasonally.

Program website here

** Employees! Use coupon code HEALTH for 20% off the program! **

This program is specifically designed to:

  • help you release stress
  • reverse the effects of “tech neck”
  • increase core strength & posture
  • Improve full body flexibility
  • practice simple breath work


  • 4, 20-minute classes (livestreamed or recorded)
  • 4, 5-minute mini classes (on-demand)
  • 4, beginner breath-work audio lessons
  • program & habit tracker pdfs (downloadable or fillable digitally)
  • weekly accountability check-ins (*live cohorts only) 


EMPLOYERS: This program is virtual, however I can work with you to schedule an in-person series like this, tailored specifically for your employees. Please message me for more info. *25 miles radius in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area.

Befriending Your Body & Releasing Body Shame

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

This workshop is open to all those identifying as women. We will explore the sources of negative body-image and body-shame. We will re-define beauty for ourselves and learn immediate and practical tools to embrace and nurture the body we have today. Instead of talking about diets or losing weight, the focus will be on intuitive eating, accepting our body as it is, and taking away shame associated with eating and food. Gentle yoga and meditation will be practiced. You will leave the workshop with confidence and a new loving and grateful attitude toward your most precious asset- your own body.

Fee is $22 Can be paid via Venmo: @jo-tulasoul

Stress Less Campaign

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

This 4-week Stress Less wellness campaign offers wellness strategies, tips and handouts involving the following themes: Hydration; Breathing; Movement; and Putting it all Together.  This is an independently completed campaign with various supports provided to employees throughout the four-weeks.

Unplug2Recharge (Digital Detox Campaign)

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

This 4-week wellness campaign helps employees unplug and recharge from digital devices to enhance the quality of their personal and work lives, productivity, relationships, health and wellness, and joy for life. Unplug2Recharge includes implementation strategies and participant resources to host a Digital Detox Kickoff Fair, Lunch and Learn, Independent Activity, and 4-week “Digital Detox” Team Challenge.

Ditch & Switch–Living a Toxin Free Lifestyle

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

If you’re like me, learning about all the chemicals that are in our personal care and beauty products was a real eye opener. If you’re ready to ‘ditch’ the harmful chemicals and ‘switch’ to a safer alternative, this is the workshop for you! I’ll teach you and your friends what ingredients to avoid and introduce you to the personal care/beauty products I suggest as ‘phase one’ in ditching the toxic chemicals.

Eliminating Digital Eye Strain in the Workplace & Preventing future Eye Diseases

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

This optician-led workshop covers both preventative and reactive education on eliminating digital eye strain, and preventing future eye diseases. This virtual workshop is interactive in nature during the virtual eye yoga session, and online vision screening portion, where everyone join with real-time results.

Included in workshop:

Educational Session: Eliminating Digital Eye Strain & Preventing future Eye Diseases.

Virtual Vision Screening Test & Eye Strain Risk Assessment: We will test your visual acuity, color sensitivity, and contrast sensitivity. The visual acuity results tell if you’re seeing 20/20 – 20/400 with each eye independently and with both eyes together.

Virtual Eye Yoga session – Eye yoga is the practice of training the muscles around the eyes and then resting them in an effort to reduce eye fatigue, improve eyesight, and overall maintain healthy eyes.

Healthy Habits for Busy Managers

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

This 8-week campaign provides busy managers with a comprehensive suite of tips, tools, and resources to develop healthy habits for home, work, and travel. This campaign offers eight Lunch and Learns that can be facilitated to managers onsite and/or through live and recorded webinars and includes weekly participation and health-promoting activities. Campaign Topics: Stress Management; Time Management; Healthy Eating Parts 1 and 2; Physical Activity; Sleep; Digital Detox; and a Wrap-Up / Q&A session.

Heathy Meals On The Go

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

This  1 Day Lunch and Learn or 4-week health-promoting campaign includes “healthy eating on the go” Lunch and Learns, tips, resources, and a Success Tracker for cultivating healthy eating habits and well-being with employees. Campaign/Lunch and Learn topics include: “Preparing Healthy Breakfasts and Lunches”; Shifting from Health Depleting Fast Foods; Building Salads in a Jar; Cracking the Code – Restaurant Menu Mystery; and a Healthy Foods Scavenger Hunt.

Stressed? Jump Start Your Stress Management Self-Care Practice With These Tips!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

This is a virtual audience participation hour of self-care.  Activities include deep breathing, full-body stretching, music therapy, aromatherapy

Download the Healthy Living Coach™ app to complete the registration, healthylivingcoachusa.com .     

On the app, go to workshop.

In preparation:

lavender-scented hand lotion

Earphone/buds to cancel the outside noise

Wear comfortable sneakers

Wear loose-fitted comfortable attire.

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