Town of Cary

101 Wilkinson Avenue
Cary, NC 27513

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM


101 Wilkinson Avenue, Cary, NC 27513



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Town of Cary

This will be the 6th Annual Health Fair for the employees of the Town of Cary. This event is highly attended by the employees each year. Booths in this event fill very fast as any vendor that has participated in this event knows this is a can’t miss opportunity!!!

The employees have great incentive to attend their health fair as it ties in with their incentive program that gives them discounts on their benefit cost. If this group is a right fit for the wellness services and/or products you offer, then we invite you to submit your request to participate!

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Town of Cary Website

Town of Cary’s Personal Health Improvement Together program C-PHIT.

Our vision states that, “because employees are our most important resource, the Town of Cary will have a workplace culture that fosters optimal well-being.”

Our philosophy revolves around the Six Pillars of Wellness.

First, you must feel that your own health is important to how you live your life.
Second, you must care about yourself and how your health affects everything you do. In order to achieve optimal health you must create new habits or strengthen existing habits which takes time and patience. Optimal health is achieved when you engage in physical activity, eat healthy, manage your stress, get quality sleep, don’t use tobacco, and are current with your age and gender preventive services. These new behaviors need to be practiced over and over again. Tracking exercise, food intake, reactions to stress, hours of sleep, etc. are great ways to visualize success.

C-PHIT online (eHealth) is an integrated three-step wellness intervention. You can access programs at any step, based on your needs. Assess; initial and periodic health screening and personal improvement assessments provide you with a baseline of your health and tools to visualize your success. Plan; planning is key to achieving goals for healthy living. Act; behavior change and maintenance tools allow you to address specific areas of need.

Every fall the Town has an Onsite Health Screening where you can learn a few numbers that you typically don’t get from your doctor that greatly impact your health. Those include resting heart rate, % body fat, waist circumference, overall general flexibility are a few.

At the onsite health screening you will also have the opportunity to get a flu shot. A voucher will be available to those who cannot attend an onsite health screening.

Like many other municipalities, the Town of Cary has a dynamic and diverse workforce performing physically demanding activities on a daily basis. This combination many times leads to an increase in worksite injuries that are costly to the injured worker and to the Town. To keep our workforce healthy and durable, the Town has implemented a functional movement program called the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  This program is designed to observe a person’s mobility and stability, score it, and use corrective exercises to eliminate any imbalances (right to left), or (upper to lower body). Working on your pillar (core) strength and fundamental movements are critical components for anyone with a physically demanding job to ensure, increased durability, and minimize the risk of being injured on the job.

Our goal is to motivate and reward employee outcomes by championing participation and engagement i.e. completion of a program, achievement of personal health improvement goals and maintaining or improving health.

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    Can’t attend the event but would like to mail in goodies? You can submit a registration to mail-in items (raffle prize, goodies/samples) for the employer to distribute at the event for you. If approved, non-members are charged a $5.00 fee and receive an email with the event contact name and mailing address. The messaging link is also activated so you may communicate directly with the employer.

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    All Employers are asked to provide each approved vendor the following:

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    • Face-to-face interaction with the employees
    • Table and chairs (see table size above)
    • Linen, electricity, and extra floor space (if needed)

    We can not guarantee the employer will provide all items above nor the anticipated attendance be accurate. We do ask that if you are not provided this after attending the event, take a moment to fill out the event survey to let us know.