20 Ways to Use Fit Buddy from head to toe for recovery, muscle tension relief, stretching, breaking down cellulite and massaging the body

20 Ways to Use Fit Buddy from head to toe for recovery, muscle tension relief, stretching, breaking down cellulite and massaging the body

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We will begin with our feet which are often neglected and will stretch the calves, the foot muscles, plantar and achilles. We then lie down on our mat and place the Fit Buddy under our neck and then use the Fit Buddy from  head to toe to release muscle tension, recover, stretch, create flexibility and massage the body. I provide the Fit Buddies and attendees bring a yoga mat or beach towel and a hand towel. The class lasts 1 hour. Participants will feel relaxed and revived after the class. Fit Buddy is being used in the physical therapy department at Emory midtown hospital, in gyms, yoga studios, ny NFL & NBA players, athletes, desk workers, people on their feet all day, chiropractors, doctors, dental hygienists, flight attendants and more. Why not empower your employees and encourage fitness. Employees that feel good are more productive. View Fit Buddy You tube link for 3 minute video of workshop https://youtu.be/7ykEwDhfgMs. How to Use Videos are on the website www.FitBuddy.us as well as excellent testimonials.




AV Needs: Enough room for participants to be able to lie down on a yoga mat.

Cost Description: $25 per person includes use of Fit Buddy during workshop


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LiLifu offers a solution to help employees with muscle tension relief created when working in front of a computer, while seated from spending a lot of time on your feet or from driving. This unique fitness and self care tool has over 20 uses from head to toe.

Used by every day people, athletes, personal trainers, physical therapists, accountants,doctors, surgeons, NFL and NBA players and more.

We also offer one on one online sessions catered to your individual needs with the inventor of this patented fitness tool- Fit Buddy. 

Fit Buddy is a unique natural and lightweight fitness/body tool that helps with recovery, create mobility, recovery, flexibility, muscle tension relief and stretches the body from the tip of the head to toe.

There are over 20 uses.  It is excellent for targeting and relieving neck and shoulder tension, tension headaches, alleviating sinus pressure, tight pec/chest muscles, creating proper alignment, help reduce stress and anxiety, facilitate deeper breathing, create mobility in the hips and lower back, help relieve lower back pain, help with digestion and elimination, sciatica, tight hamstrings, shin splints, stretch the calves, dorsiflexion, achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, alleviate tennis elbow, relieve sore hands from texting, typing or gaming, tapping body to relieve tension, soreness and to improve circulation and strengthen immune system and more.

Helpful to support wrists while keyboarding, behind lower back for lumbar support while seated and walking on it to stretch your feet while working at a standing desk. 

Used by ordinary and extraordinary people seeking to feel better, at Emory University Hospital Physical therapy clinic, Atlanta Sport and Spine, PT360, Emory Select East Cobb, yoga studios, NFL players, tennis players and more. 

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