Bring Nutrition & Wellness Awareness to The Workplace

According to scientific research, workplace nutrition programs have a great benefit on the well-being of every employee and are meant to reduce the healthcare costs and turnover as well as any potential disability. Aside from that, they are the trigger to better productivity and a vital link in the overall health of the company.

Are you reinforcing nutrition awareness at your company? If not, here is how to do it in 5 simple ways:

  1. Promote Nutrition Workshops – Providing workshops on Nutrition is a great way to bring awareness to employees. Workshops can range from “How to Read Food Labels” to “How to Grocery Shop”. By promoting the workshops, you are bringing healthy nutrition awareness to every employee. The employees that don’t choose to attend the workshops will still think about their nutritional habits daily as they see the workshop promotional material and announcements. Search Nutrition Workshops
  2. Provide Healthy Snacks – Offer a range of healthy snacks that contain some protein, some fat, and complex carbohydrates. The standard office snack food fare such as cookies, chips, and sodas are high in simple sugars that cause a spike in energy when eaten followed by the inevitable “sugar crash” that leaves people feeling tired and unmotivated.  Read more
  3. Corporate Healthy Cook-Off  – Promote employees to join a healthy cook-off. Designate judges for your cook-off and have employees submit tastings of their most healthy, best-tasting recipes. Winner(s) receives a ribbon or prize and all recipes are posted for employees to enjoy.
  4. Provide a Listing of Healthy Restaurants – Post or email your employees a list of restaurants in the area they dine at for lunch and/or dinner. By providing healthy dining choices that employees may not be aware of, you offer an alternative to the unhealthy fast food most have become accustomed to.
  5. Post Nutritional Facts  – By posting nutritional facts throughout your office, you bring awareness and resolutions to employees that may not have known otherwise. There are many free facts online that can easily be printed and posted for employees. As employees see this information, they are more apt to make small changes based on visual knowledge.  Search Facts

In the end, nutrition and workplace wellness are both aspects of future awareness and care for your employees. They are a rising trend, but also a bridge to better productivity and well-being for everyone in your workspace – including yourself.

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