Increase Office Productivity with Healthier Snacks

It’s no secret that free snacks at the office increase employee satisfaction, but you may want to think twice before rolling out the endless supply of chips and sodas. When it comes to promoting productivity throughout the day, the types of foods your employees munch on can make all of the difference. Just think about this all too common scenario that you have probably witnessed on a daily basis; busy employees get hungry for lunch and seek out fast options that are often very heavy in carbohydrates like Italian or Chinese takeout. Perhaps they even wash their meal down with a sugar-filled soda. This almost always leads to that inevitable “2 pm slump” that leaves employees groggy and unfocused for the remainder of the day – which overall spells bad news for productivity.

So what can you do as an employer to help your employees have sustained energy throughout the day?


Stock Up On Healthy Snacks: Offer a range of healthy snacks that contain some protein, some fat, and complex carbohydrates. The standard office snack food fare such as cookies, chips and sodas are high in simple sugars that cause a spike in energy when eaten followed by the inevitable “sugar crash” that leaves people feeling tired and unmotivated. Things like prepackaged nuts, string cheese, hummus and yogurt are rich in proteins and fats that digest more slowly and provide consistent, balanced levels of energy. These items also have a relatively long shelf life so you can save some money by purchasing in bulk. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also good options, as they contain energy promoting carbohydrates that are balanced with fiber.

Consider Reducing the Number of Unhealthy Snacks You Offer (Or Store Them Out of Sight): Many employees will probably still be tempted to fill their day with sugar-filled snacks if they are constantly passing by them as they walk through the office. Plus, it can be difficult to not snatch that pack of cookies if they’re just sitting on the counter within easy reach. Consider putting the unhealthier snacks towards the back of the cabinets if you decide to still offer them at all, and place your healthy options within clear, easy reach. This simple action can effortlessly encourage employees to eat better while forcing them to be more deliberate about their decision should they still want chips.

Make Basic Nutrition a Part of your Wellness Program: Employees that fuel their bodies well are healthier overall which means they are likely to be more productive at work and suffer fewer health problems. By incorporating good nutrition education into your employee wellness program, you can empower them to make healthier choices both in and outside the office.

Have you tried any of these tips? What worked? What didn’t? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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