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Business Advantages of Providing Corporate Wellness Workshops

Offering educational workshops/ screenings for employers is a great way to get personally invited to a corporate work-site and given a dedicated space to connect with an already interested audience. With the endorsement of the employer and the valuable education you present the employees, you gain a level of trust that a health fair, a postcard or even referral cannot do.

Employers now realize the value of their wellness investment goes far beyond benefit costs. Healthy, happy employees are more productive and encourage others to be also. Providing employees access to monthly educational workshops/screenings and wellness incentives based on a staff’s needs and desires has rapidly become part of even the smallest organization’s annual wellness budgets and planning.

5 Good Reasons to Provide Corporate Workshops/Screenings

1. When You Present Educational Workshops, You Establish Yourself as an Authority

Being in charge of an educational workshop on a specific wellness topic allows you to immediately establish yourself and your services as an authority in that area. Whether you focus on providing prevention education or easy healthy lifestyle tips, simply being involved in a wellness workshop will cause colleagues and potential clients alike to associate your name with education and expertise.

2. Endorsement from the Employer Offers Outstanding Credibility
When an employer invites an outside service provider (vendor) into their location and gives them the opportunity to speak directly to their employees, they are giving the provider a level of endorsement far beyond other traditional connections. Employer’s promote/endorse workshops and even have incentive programs in place for employees to attend. Given that an employee spends 70% of their waking hours at the worksite and uses their benefits department to direct them in their healthcare choices, workshop providers are considered a trusted and valued resource.

3. Providing a Workshop/Screening Helps Increase Awareness of You and Your Brand
Just by having a workshop scheduled within an organization can increase the awareness of your brand. Even if an individual has never heard of your business before, or chooses not to attend your scheduled workshop, the marketing of your workshop and the resulting word of mouth that follows through inevitable discussions among employees will generate increased brand awareness.

4. Speaking Directly To Employers Can Generate Sales and Future Leads
When you present an educational workshop, you are given the opportunity to speak with an exclusive audience of potential clients, meaning that many of them likely have an immediate interest or need for your services. Marketing brochures, business cards and other materials you can leave behind for attendees can lead to immediate sales as a result of the workshop, and additional sales through word of mouth.

5. Presenting a Workshop Allows You to Share Your Knowledge and Provide Valuable Education
One of the greatest things about presenting a workshop is the potential to truly make a difference in the lives of your participants by providing them with education that can better their health in some way. People will respond positively to and trust those that they perceive as wanting to genuinely offer help. The more useful your workshop is perceived, the more of a lasting impression you will make to lead to future sales and referrals.

Getting Started: How to Start Planning an Educational Workshop

The best place to get started is to brainstorm a list of potential educational topics that are relevant to your services or products. Employers prefer workshops that follow the National Wellness Observance Calendar or that their employees have indicated as a desire or need. Make sure that your topic is geared towards something that can benefit your audience and includes easily searched keywords.

IAB Health Productions, LLC offers a gateway for employers to source workshops in their area and a space for healthcare providers to post their workshops. The IAB Wellness Network offers providers a 30 day free trial to post unlimited workshops for employers. It’s a great way to get started in providing corporate workshops and testing the results. IAB promotes workshop directly to employers and throughout various social media channels for you to give your business even more exposure.

More information can be found here:  IAB’s Workshop FAQs

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