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Q: Why should I post a Wellness Workshop or Screening on the IAB Website?
A: The IAB Wellness Network has many employers utilizing our provider’s workshops and scheduling routine screenings as part of their monthly wellness programs. IAB promotes these services directly to our network of employers and on most social media networks. We promote you while you remain focused on providing valuable education and services. A true win-win scenario.

Q: Who can post Wellness Workshops/Screenings?
A: Only members are allowed to post Workshops/Screenings. There are different membership options available that you can choose from. IAB offers a free 30 day trial for Well1 Members, allowing them to post unlimited workshops or screenings during that time frame.

Q: What is the difference between Corporate and Public Workshops/Screenings?
A: Corporate Workshops/Screenings are provided at the Employer’s site and is usually held in a conference room or training room. This is the most popular option among employers. Public Workshops/Screenings are held at a location of your choice. You provide a date and location for the employees to come to you.
Virtual Workshops – Coming Soon!!

Q: How do I post a Wellness Workshops or Screenings I offer?
A: You can post wellness workshops/screenings right from your IAB account dashboard. Simply select the “Post a Workshop” link and fill in the blanks. We recommend that you include as much information about the workshop or screenings as possible when posting. Make sure to include any special requirements you may have so that everyone is prepared. Also, make sure to include good keywords in your overview so that as topics are searched your information will be easily and organically found.

Q: What information do I include in the Workshop/Screening posting?
A: You will need a catchy title and a clear overview of the workshop or screenings you provide. If screenings are covered through insurance, please include this in your overview and how that will be handled.

Q: How many workshops/Screenings can I post?
A: You are not limited to the number of workshops you can post. In fact, the more information you have available, the more you will be seen. It is important to include keywords in your workshop posting so that when others are searching for topics of interest, your information is included in the search results.

Q: Can I charge for my Wellness Workshop/Screenings?
A: The most popular workshops/screenings are those that are provided to the employer for free. However, you are more than welcome to charge a fee for your workshops or screenings. You will be given the option to provide your fee schedule when posting your workshops or screenings.

Q: How are my workshops/screenings promoted?
A: IAB promotes workshops and screenings in monthly employer newsletters as well as through different Social Media outlets and groups. Our marketing efforts are targeted to the Wellness Observance Calendar and their related topics. Wellness is a year-around topic in the corporate world and employer groups are always looking for useful information they can bring to their employees. Understanding what topics are popular or trending at the time will help you in posting successful workshops.

Q: How does the employer group get in touch with me to schedule an on-site workshop/screening?
A: When an employer is viewing your workshop/screening they are provided with a simple contact button that connects them directly to you via email, allowing you to work out the details with them. You may also choose to be contacted via telephone.

Q: How much does it cost to post Wellness Workshops/screenings?
A: Depending on the membership option you choose, you can pay as little as $9.99 (Free 30 day trial) a month to post unlimited workshops! If you are also interested in participating in Health Fairs, there is a combined membership option that encompasses all options into one, along with upgrades for your profile. Click Here to review information on our membership options.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. You can contact us via our web or live chat with us online. We look forward to working with you and Empowering Employee Wellness!

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