Learn to Understand How the Body Uses Antioxidants to Boost Energy and the Immune System

Learn to Understand How the Body Uses Antioxidants to Boost Energy and the Immune System

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Greentea antioxidants have over 400 years of data touting their health benefits.  Antioxidants are naturally contained in most fruits, vegetables and teas.  Learn about how greentea and Noni antioxidants boost metabolism and the immune system. Also learn about the benefits of coconut.

Many health benefits are proven as a result of high antioxidant diets, especially reducing weight and many parameters that lead to common diseases of today such as diabetes, heart disease due to high cholesterol and blood pressure and inflammatory diseases.

We facilitate an interactive discussion while we sample the products. Please find our event and class schedule on our 2cups Green Tea Hawaii facebook page.  Contact Angie at 919 656-0963 or angceroli@gmail.com to schedule your workshop TODAY!


AV Needs: table for displaying materials and flavored greentea drinks for sampling--products which can be passed around patronage for personal viewing. Wall space to display a 7ft banner and a computer and screen for displaying powerpoint slides.

Cost Description: Free for your employees!

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During virtual events, we educate on the health benefits of green tea, Noni, coconut, doTERRA essential oils AND More. 

Our Goal is to Empower so Healthier Choices are Incorporated resulting in lifestyle changes that attain your fitness goals and  optimal health

Please see a picture of our booth setup and different products below in the slideshow of pictures. While we discuss your health needs/status/goals:

  • We discuss how green tea and Noni provide healthy energy, improve metabolism and immunity while avoiding the crash as with many available caffeine products.
  • Education on how powerful anti-oxidants/electrolytes in our bodies ensure healthier metabolism and energy with a weight loss component.
  • Learn about the health benefits versus other high sugar/caffeine containing drinks in the market.
  • These products are safe for diabetics with a max or less than 2g sugars, yet are all-natural, and are aspartame-free and gluten-free.  Green tea benefits include a strong, documented cardiovascular profile!
  • Each ~20oz serving made from the powder-pixie/sachet contains the antioxidant power of 45cups of green tea-bags summing >500mg, while the serving is equivalent to a half cup coffee in caffeine!

HEALTHY CAN BE SIMPLE!! Visitors to our booth/room are given a chance to learn how essential oils/aromatherapy (doTERRA) can

  • improve mood/mental clarity,
  • relieve pain/inflammation,
  • reduce stress/anxiety,
  • address various digestive issues/weight loss
  • help with other health issues to bring the body into balance

while providing science-based education showing how essential oils work in the body and environment to cleanse and clean bacteria and fungus from them. The science that’s documented showing results achieved by diffusing, applying topically or taking internally is discussed empowering all to Take control of their health simply and easily!

We can facilitate webinars teaching about the many benefits and uses of essential oils (& all-things natural) as part of our Wellness services. Ask Angie (919 656-0963)to receive our class topics list and/or our recorded webinars OR schedule a focused webinar/appointment today! We can facilitate one-hour Lunch & Learns for employees and welcome all to join our webinars held/recorded 2x times/week – ask Angie for the zoom link–

See our facebook.com/greenhealthfirst page, youtube channel (search ‘Angie Ceroli’) and our www.greenhealthfirst.com website for our blog, health tips and products! 


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