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Q: What does IAB provide when I participate in health fairs?
You will be provided a table, chair, linen (if needed) and access to electricity. You may also request an electrical outlet if you need one. Your sponsorship also includes the following:

  • Your company name on all pre-event announcements posted throughout the facility and emailed to employees
  • Exclusivity in your service category for each event you attend
  • Information in IAB’s Wellness Directory, which will be given to all employees
  • Extra floor space (if needed)

Q. What types of materials do you recommend that I have available at my booth?
We ask that at a minimum, you bring the following:

  • Educational & giveaway materials – bags, brochures, flyers, pens, stress relievers etc..
  • Health screenings (if applicable)
  • At least one raffle prize (service or product)
  • 25-ft. (minimum) extension cord, if applicable

Q: Will providers and/or vendors who offer similar products or services (i.e. my competitors) be participating in events that I attend?
No, absolutely not. Unlike other free health fairs, you will be our exclusive provider or vendor in your service area. There may, however, be up to three vendors who may offer the same types of services as yours, but they will not be allowed to educate employees on those services.

Q: How will I know where to park and how to set up and/or breakdown on event days?
We will email you complete instructions for parking, set up, breakdown, and other details at least one week prior to all events.

Q: Am I allowed to have a separate raffle at my table?
No. To be fair to all of our participants, the raffle will be managed by our host client and the raffle prize you – and our other participants – donate will be displayed on the “head table.”

Q: Why are we being charged for this health fair when I attend free ones all the time?
Simply put, we approach the production of health fairs in a very different way from those companies that offer free versions. Our clients are happy to pay our affordable rates, because we go one step better than our competitors – and our participants get much better results. For instance, all of our participants understand how important it is that they are the only provider or vendor in their specialty area at each event. We also work with directly with our host clients to promote our events well in advance and to ensure that the maximum number of employees will attend and participate.

Moreover, our events are extremely well organized – which makes them virtually hassle-free – and on the day of the event, every employee is given a copy of our IAB Wellness Directory (which will include your contact information and a brief description about the services your offer) so they can easily follow up with you when they’re ready.

Q. How do I register for one of IAB’s health fairs?
First, register as a user on our website by entering the information requested on our secure and confidential online form to get your own profile page. This should take you less than five minutes.

Once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll be allowed to view our upcoming events and select, and submit to us (by clicking on the “Register” link provided on each page) the ones that interest you. Once we have reviewed and approved your registration, we will notify you and send you an invoice for the event.

Q: Can I purchase multiple events at a time?
Yes, absolutely. This option is available upon request.

Q: Can I become an “exclusive partner” with IAB?
Yes, we do enter into exclusive partnerships with some of our healthcare providers and vendors who want to be the first to receive alerts on new events and workshops, and have their logos posted on this website. If you’d like more information on how you can become one of IAB’s exclusive partners, please submit your request on our contact us web page.

Q. Will IAB promote my company to your host clients?
Yes, we will promote your events in several different ways.

First, we will send our host clients a customized announcement – which will include your company name – many weeks prior to your event. They will then print and distribute these to their employees as they wish. We also include our vendors’ information in monthly email campaigns and advertise their workshops on our website.

Q: What type of follow up am I allowed to do after the event?
In order to comply with our host clients’ privacy requirements, IAB has a strict “No Solicitation” policy. This means you may only follow up with employees who have voluntarily provided you with their contact information. In these cases, you may contact them as you wish and even notify them if/when you’re providing workshops in their area.

Q: How early can we setup for the event?
We ask that all of our vendors arrive on-site one hour (no sooner) prior to the event. For safety reasons, vendors will not be permitted to set up booths after employees begin arriving.

Q: What is IAB’s Wellness Directory?
We create and print a customized IAB Wellness Directory for each of our health fairs. Then, on the day of the event we give all employees copies to keep for future reference. The guide contains participants’ contact information as well as a brief (150 words or less) description about the types of products or services they offer. These have proven to be wonderful “memory joggers” for employees who are searching for local preferred providers right away or in the future.

Q: What are IAB Wellness Bucks and how do I use them?
On the day of your event, you’ll be given a stack of IAB Wellness Bucks. We ask that you give one buck to each employee who visits your booth. You can however give multiple bucks to employees – especially those who stay longer at your booth – or if your event has less than ten booths. Employees will then exchange their bucks for raffle tickets and a chance to win one of the donated prizes. This is a great way to add some fun and excitement to the day, and ensure that employee participation is high.

Q: What are the Provider Guidelines?
In order to be fair to you, other participants, and our host clients – and to ensure that our health fairs are as successful and hassle-free as possible – we developed our IAB Provider Guidelines. It is a short manual that contains professional behavior requirements for all IAB health event participants. The vast majority of our vendors and providers are more than happy to adhere to these reasonable guidelines. If not, however, we reserve the right to remove you and/or your company from our participant list.

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