We Offer Comprehensive In-house Assessments

We offer comprehensive in house assessments. Experience has taught us that outside scans often do not contain all the information to optimise your treatment plan. We find patients appreciate this thorough approach and the convenience of having everything assessed and confirmed on the same visit. We take time to make sure you understand your vein condition and the treatment options. Having been a vein patient himself Dr. Feldman is acutely aware of the concerns that patients have and is able to offer a truly empathic approach to his patients. Patients who have come to us for a second opinion usually comment that they appreciate the time we take to explain things in a manner they understand rather than feeling rushed and simply “ a number”.

We Specialize in Veins (Not Arteries)

Our vascular lab is devoted and focused on assessing and treating veins with the least discomfort and downtime.

Vascular surgeons are experts in treating arteries which generally makes up > 80% of their practice. In the public system veins are a very low priority and surgeons receive very little training in the treatment of veins and almost no training in non surgical treatments such as ultrasound guided sclerotherapy or endovenous ablation.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use latest generation radio-frequency equipment for improved patient comfort and faster recovery.

* Single use radio-frequency catheters – all our catheters are sterile single use catheters. To save money some clinics purchase recycles catheters and don’t disclose this to their patients !

* We use state of the art Philips Affinity ultrasound equipment. This gives us the ability to offer advanced venous diagnosis utilizing the latest and greatest in vascular ultrasound equipment.

Advanced Techniques

Our goal is to treat all abnormal veins to limit your chances of recurrent disease. In addition to treating the great and small saphenous veins we can treat other abnormal veins with radio-frequency such as :

Perforator veins

Accessory saphenous veins

Thigh extension veins

Straight tributary veins

Rarely will other clinics have the equipment or skills to treat anything other than the great or small saphenous veins.

We also use Foam Sclerotherapy which is the standard of care for treating large tributaries of the GSV and SSV. In conjunction with micro-phlebectomy this speeds up the treatment while providing standard of care results. Facilities that do not perform micro-phlebectomy and only liquid sclerotherapy are actually not treating to the standard of care. Liquid sclerotherapy is only approved for smaller veins and should not be used on large tributaries or large varicosities. If it is used in this fashion the result is painful superficial thrombus and staining of the skin.

We Specialize in Venous Ultrasound

Accurate management of venous problems requires a detailed ultrasound assessment of your veins.

Beware of clinics offering treatments without a detailed ultrasound by an appropriately trained specialist.

All of our scans are performed by an award winning Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) who is additionally credentialed as a Registered Phlebology Sonographer (RPhS). All of our studies are performed according to IAC standards or even higher.


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