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Working Stress-Free and Looking Stress-Free are simpler than you think – let me show you how!

My superpowers are contagious enthusiasm, endless ideas, & solutions that work!

Looking Stress-Free

Our skin has a protective barrier aka the skin’s microbiome. The microbiome is the ecosystem of good and bad bacteria living on everyone’s skin. In a balanced microbiome, there is more good than bad bacteria. A balanced skin microbiome equals healthy and younger-looking skin. Balancing the microbiome means understanding the many toxins that exist in everyday products that strip the microbiome. I show you how to balance your microbiome with TruAura’s microbiome-friendly skincare and cosmetics. Having a simple, safe, and effective skincare and makeup routine boosts confidence.  Being confident with how you look and being confident in what you put on your skin is what looking stress-free is all about! For more info visit: https://truaurabeauty.com/StressCommando Or to join my Stress-Free Beauty Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/StressFreeCleanBeauty 

Working Stress-Free

Stress affects us all. The key is understanding the true effects of stress on your health and productivity. Then to identify your stressors and implement simple techniques to reduce stress in your day and work more effectively. Working Stress-Free is about leading, communicating, and working to create harmony in your life. Let me train you and your teams how Working Stress-Free is attainable and easier than you might think. Workshops available: Stress Relief | Leading Stress-Free | Stress-Free Communication | Working Stress-Free in a Virtual World 

Laura Morlando The Stress Commando combats stress one solution at a time! Laura is a sought-after speaker with decades of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial expertise. Laura knows personally just how hard transition and creating balance can be. She successfully transitioned from corporate professional to an entrepreneur while caring for family and then in 2017 pivoted her entire business to work online to accommodate health concerns. With her infectious enthusiasm and contagious smile, Laura’s high-energy workshops provide proven best practices and simple action plans for anyone needing to quickly reduce stress in their day, increase productivity, and work and look stress-free. As a coach and consultant, Laura transforms clients from being stuck, overwhelmed, and scattered to productive, confident, and focused. As a clean beauty expert, Laura boosts her client’s confidence by educating them on how to reduce toxins on their skin, how to balance their skin’s microbiome, and teaches simple solutions and techniques to look their best.  Laura is featured on the cover of New York Times Best-Selling Author John Maxwell’s book, Everyone Communicates. Few Connect. (Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson Publisher, 2010) Laura currently serves as the advisor to the American Business Women’s Foundation empowering women to achieve equal pay and parity in the workplace. www.stresscommando.com 


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