Conscious7 – Giving you A New Lease Of Life

You want better health, fitness, and, ultimately, longevity and quality of life. By developing a healthy and active lifestyle, the Conscious7 coaches will increase your energy levels, offset stress and low mood, keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels healthier.

The Conscious7 is designed with you in mind to improve mobility, flexibility, coordination, and weight management. The list is endless. As you are probably aware, It is not only essential to be active but to ensure the activities or exercise you engage in are relevant for your body type and your neurochemical profile. The Conscious7 focuses exclusively on assessing, not guessing all of your data to ensure you get the most out of the program, which focuses on your functional fitness, improved brain health, stress management, nutrition, and health coaching.

The Conscious7 are evidence-based health and well being programs which are highly individualized and relevant for you so you can experience more profound feelings of well being, whether you want to lose weight, can manage to stress in your personal or professional life, and learn which foods are most useful to reach peak performance in your daily life.

You want and need better health, fitness, mobility, and the ability to manage your stress levels. You want to travel, enjoy peak experiences, or you may want to spend time actively enjoying quality family time. You may be retired and want to continue working or start a business, and you may have hobbies that require you to be active and want to continue enjoying them. You may have a sense of adventure whether you are younger or more mature, and you may have put certain things off and now want to participate, but feel you do not have the time, energy, motivation, health, or fitness to do so.

You may want to slow down the aging process, look and feel younger, increase your mental sharpness and confidence, have better mobility, balance, power, and energy, and have fun. You may want to look better, feel better, and move better.

Now you can do all of these things to improve the overall quality of your life. There are no barriers to achieve optimal health, fitness, and wellbeing, no matter your age.

There are increased health risks and potential incidences of disease in today’s society, including obesity, stress, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. With the Consciously Fit Blueprint, you can start your journey with two experienced and certified health coaches Lauren McClerkin & Peter Michael Dedes, who have a combined experience of 60 years of training.

How Does The Conscious7 Brain Map Breakthrough Work?

  • We will firstly send you via email a welcome pack with forms for you to fill in and send back to us for evaluation.
  • We will do a deep dive into your responses and invite you to an online discussion to discuss your answers and better purchase and clarify your specific wants, needs, and goals.
  • We will provide you with a detailed analysis of your health and fitness levels
  • We will design a comprehensive and integrated wellness program covering your overall health, specifically fitness, nutrition, stress management, and brain health modalities.
  • We will identify any contraindications to exercise routines
  • We will place your likes, dislikes, challenges, and goals
  • We will ensure you get the right advice and coaching relevant for you and one that is evidence-based.

Here is what you will receive:

  • An in-depth 1-hour assessment with Lauren and Peter
  • A personalized blueprint based on the evaluation detailing:
  • Your brain chemistry profile
  • Your personality type
  • Your physiological stats
  • Activity and lifestyle strategies
  • A detailed action plan with specific timelines
  • Specific online coaching, support, and accountability

WHO IS THE CONSCIOUS7 Brain Map Breakthrough FOR?

  • Those who are seeking to create exceptional health, fitness, movement, cognitive health and who want to experience deep feelings of well being
  • Those who are stuck in a weight-loss rut, stalled out on your fitness routine, or need a push getting out of your comfort zone
  • Those who suffer from generally related depression, episodes of low mood or stress
  • Those who are medication resistant and want an integrative, evidence-based approach to health
  • Those who want to do something to get their health, fitness, wellbeing, and life back on track

WHO IS THIS CONSCIOUS7 Brain Map Breakthought NOT FOR?

  • Those who are not committed to showing up
  • Those who have comorbid conditions such as dementia, personality disorders, schizophrenia, or another form of psychoses
  • Those who have substance abuse dependency

NOTE: The Conscious7 Brain Map Breakthrough cannot directly replace medical treatment or counseling therapy or remove patients from their treatment plan. It is a client coaching program designed to create and promote exceptional health.

Always speak with your GP/physician or healthcare provider before changing your diet, or engaging in an activity program, especially if you have a health problem. If you suspect you have a medical problem contact your GP beforehand to obtain medical clearance. Do not disregard medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice.

The information and coaching we provide are based on years of qualified practice and experience by Conscious7 Coaches, and any information we provide is not a substitute for medical advice provided by your GP or healthcare professional.


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