AVORA is a privately owned and operated healthcare company with locations in Asheville, NC and Black Mountain, NC specializing in outpatient orthopedics, sports performance, balance, dizziness, vertigo, and concussions. We pride ourselves on providing quality rehabilitation and outstanding customer service in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Our story began in 2008 with a bit of tragedy when Kim Fox, founder of AVORA, was struck by a pickup truck while riding her motorcycle. Most of her injuries were the result of being thrown over the truck and landing in the street on her head and knees. She spent the next year undergoing surgery and rehab. Prior to the accident, Kim had been an orthopedic PT for over 15 years, but also had a passion for working with patients suffering from balance, dizziness, and vertigo. Ironically, her year in recovery gave her the time she needed to further her studies in vestibular disorders.

In 2009 she briefly returned to her previous employer in Black Mountain where she quickly discovered that she unable to continue working as an orthopedic therapist due to her physical limitations. With limited options available, she found a business partner and they opened their own physical therapy clinic in South Asheville where Kim could focus on working with balance & dizzy patients.

In 2010 Kim was informed that her former employer in Black Mountain went out of business and the clinic space she once worked in was available for occupancy. Kim loved the idea of returning to her Black Mountain patients and decided to open a Black Mountain clinic on her own under the name of Western Carolina Physical Therapy. It too, was successful and in 2012 Kim sold her share of the previous business to her partner.

In 2013 Western Carolina Physical Therapy opened a second location in East Asheville known as the Reynolds clinic on Charlotte Hwy. The company began investing more heavily in balance and vestibular equipment, but Kim’s vision was to have a dedicated balance & vestibular center that could really push the limits by having the best tools and technology available to help her patients.

In 2016 Kim opened the Asheville Balance & Vestibular Center in Centre Park. A 7,000 square foot, multi-discipline health center dedicated to helping patients who suffer from conditions related to imbalance, dizziness, vertigo, and concussions. It had almost everything that a patient would need, minus a few pieces of very expensive equipment generally only used in research facilities and teaching hospitals. Of course, Kim wanted those too.

In 2017 Kim purchased the additional equipment she wanted for the balance and vestibular center and about the same time, decided it was time to re-brand Western Carolina Physical Therapy and the Asheville Balance & Vestibular Center under one, easy new name. The name became “AVORA”. People often ask where AVORA came from or what it means. Coming up with a new name in this era is extremely difficult and there are several fragmented stories about its creation. The truth is, only a few people really know the story behind it. It is our hope that patients will find AVORA to be synonymous with excellence.

Today, all of our services and locations carry the AVORA branding and we remain committed to the same excellent care and outstanding service as we did when we started in 2009. The secret to our success is simple. Treat people right, hire the best employees, buy the best equipment, and solve complex problems. As a leader in our field of expertise, we now see patients from around the world and continue to grow. Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you!? Learn more about each of our locations by watching our virtual video tours!


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