National Headache Awareness & Treatment Expo

June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month.

Learn how to prevent and relieve chronic headaches!

Visit this Headache Awareness & Treatment Expo being held Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Virtually visit wellness providers that offer services that assist in preventing, relieving, and managing migraine headaches.

Topics Include:

Aroma Therapy – How aromas can trigger or relieve your headaches

Posture – How your posture and spinal adjustments can affect your headaches

Nutrition – How what you eat can affect your headaches

Chiropractic – Learn how chiropractic care can relieve and even eliminate headaches.

Stress – Relieving stress can significantly decrease headaches

Physical Activity – How incorporating physical activity into your life can decrease stress, blood pressure, and other issues that lead to recurring headaches.

Sleep – Adequate sleep contributes to headaches. Find out if your sleep habits may be an underlying cause.

Acupuncture – How acupuncture is used to relieve and eliminate headaches.

Yoga – How proper stretching and body alignment decreases stress and can eliminate headaches.

Over 40 million Americans suffer from the neurological disease of Migraine headaches. Many migraine sufferers remain undiagnosed and untreated. This event will educate visitors on many ways they can prevent, treat and relieve headaches.

Each virtual booth contains great resources, an educational video, and links to video or audio chat with the headache treatment specialists.

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