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Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. (Source: Balanced Body)


The Pilates Method of body conditioning promotes physical harmony and balance for people of all ages and physical conditions while providing a refreshing and energizing workout.  

Because conditioning sessions are done one-to-one with a certified teacher or in closely supervised small groups, each session is tailored to your specific needs.  

Regardless of your current level of fitness – from sedentary office worker to fitness enthusiast – the Pilates Method can be your primary mode of body conditioning and injury prevention.  

Recently discovered by physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedists, The Pilates Method of body conditioning can also be integrated into rehabilitative exercise and physical therapy programs designed to speed recovery of soft tissue injuries.

 The Pilates Method can be safely used by pregnant women to learn proper breathing and body alignment, improve concentration, and recover body shape and tone after pregnancy.

 You will notice:  

 Improved posture  

 Stronger center    

Firm buttocks    

Flatter and stronger stomach  

 Longer and leaner muscles    

Increased flexibility    

Increasd vitality    

Just plain look and feel better

(Source: Aussie Fitness L.L.C)

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