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Arch supports, orthotic insoles, heel pads, and other shoe inserts provide first-line therapy for arch and heel painplantar fasciitisachilles tendonitis, and other foot problems that stem from not having enough orthopedic support when you walk or stand. Arch supports and orthotic insoles are more affordable than custom orthotics and very popular with patients with mild to moderate foot pain. (Your podiatrist can advise you of whether a custom orthotic or arch support would be more appropriate for your foot condition.) They also work well for people who are simply trying to prevent developing foot problems down the road. To treat and prevent foot pain we recommend wearing quality orthopedic shoes that offer support and stability through the arch  (Source: Healthy Feet Store)


Many persons that suffer from chronic conditions of the feet or persistent pain can benefit from the use of arch supports. They help to artificially and temporarily “build up” the arches. This support helps to lessen pain and make walking much more comfortable. Because we as human beings walk so much, even in the transportation age, we often have problems with our feet. Two such issues that can be alleviated from arch supports are Plantar Fasciitis and flat feet.. Below, we will take a look at a few of the benefits that using arch supports provide.

Arch Supports:

a. Lessen or prevent pain: Arch supports can help lessen foot pain. Pain in the feet can not only cause discomfort but make it difficult to be mobile. Subsequently, individuals may have trouble going about their daily routines and handling important duties. In cases, where it is still possible, it may still be quite painful. Individuals who have flat feet or other conditions which may require the usage of arch supports might be able to decrease their pain and thus regain their mobility or at least have the ability to get through their days with minimal pain.

b. Provide support: Some people will require specialized support. Their foot ailments may demand that they use artificial supports. These can help to alleviate pain and/or prevent further damage. This might be especially beneficial for persons who suffer from planter fasciitis and flat feet.

c. Create a good foundation: Many times, a person may experience pain because they have a crummy foundation. If their shoes do not offer much support, this may cause a number of conditions, all of them either painful or uncomfortable. This may be remedied by simply using arch supports. They slip right into the shoes, allowing individuals to adjust the fit and comfort and helping to alleviate foot pain and problems associated with it.

d. Provide balance and support: Arch supports can provide balance and support for individuals who use them. They can help improve a person’s posture because they will be more balanced. This can help lessen foot pain and problems related to imbalance and a lack of proper support.

Arch supports can be quite beneficial for those who suffer with foot problems. Because our feet are so important to our quality of life, it is paramount that individuals do whatever is necessary to ensure that they are as pain free as possible. One very easy and affordable way to do this is to purchase and then use arch supports. This is a very non-invasive approach to dealing with common foot ailments such as flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Often times, it is not necessary to have surgery or to purchase expensive shoes, though at times this might be needed. Instead, buying inexpensive arch supports will do enough to improve an individual’s pain so that they are able to get by without suffering too much. Sometimes, nothing else needs to be done. In cases where more help may be warranted, arch supports can help individuals get by until they have the money and/or time to visit their doctor or podiatrist and come up with an alternative plan, one which may be more invasive and expensive. (Source:  Foot Orthotics · Custom Foot Orthotics · Arch Supports · Medical SEO)

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