Reye’s Syndrome Awareness Month

Observed During: September, 2022

Reye’s Syndrome Awareness Month is a public health and awareness campaign for raising awareness of the less known health issue. Reye’s syndrome is a potentially deadly disease that can strike suddenly and attack a person regardless of age. All body organs can be affected at the same time but it affects the brain and liver most seriously. One important fact about the serious disease is that the cause is still unknown. Moreover, there is still no cure* for it but there are treatments that can prevent serious complications.

Reye’s syndrome is actually a disease that typically follows a viral infection such as chicken pox or even the ordinary flu. It usually passes after several hours but serious cases can lead to brain damage and even death. Again, Reye’s syndrome can affect anyone regardless of age, ethnicity and sex but it often affects young children.

The disease is still a mystery and the risk factors are still unclear although experts believe aspirin (salicylate) intake is a major one. Studies indicate that 90% to 95% of people who get Rye’s syndrome have taken aspirin. This is why the public health and awareness campaign also aims to inform the public of the importance of consulting a doctor before giving/taking aspirin especially to children. Take note that there are other medicines that contain aspirin. The complete list can be found on the National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation website.


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