Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month

Observed During: May, 2022

Research into stem cell treatments for Huntington’s Disease has advanced considerably over the past decade. The main goal of this field is to develop methods of replacing or supporting brain cells that are damaged in HD. However, many questions remain to be answered before this is possible as a therapy. For example, what are the most important experiments to perform in animal models? What types of devices or surgeries would be optimal? What’s the safest and best way to run a trial in humans? To address the gaps in our knowledge and speed the development of stem cell therapies, HD scientists have come together to form an international network. The initiative was co-championed by Dr. Anne Rosser and HDSA scientific advisory board member Dr. Leslie Thompson, and was kickstarted last week at a conference in California. Experts discussed their recent findings and had the opportunity to form new collaborations to tackle their common goal of developing stem cell-based HD therapies.

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