National Family Recreation and UV Safety Expo

July is UV Safety Month coupled with National Therapeutic Recreation Week.

This month’s event covers all things outdoors!

Visit to find vendors that offer many recreational activities for your family to enjoy along with outdoor safety and UV protection education and tips. Vendors provide discount coupons for your family!

Topics Include

Outdoor Recreational Activities – Find actives for your family to get outside and have fun again

UV Safety – How to protect your skin when spending time outdoors, and how to detect skin cancer

Therapeutic Recreation – How engaging in activities can aid in the recovery of various forms of disabilities

Mental Health – The mental effects of low physical activity and sunlight

Hydration – How to stay hydrated when physically active

Sports Activities – How playing sports lead to a healthy happy lifestyle

Walks, Runs, Marathons – Provide visitors with local events they can join

Sports Equipment/Apparel – Find sports equipment, apparel, running shoes, and accessories for your recreational sporting needs.

Each virtual booth contains great resources, an educational video, and links to video or audio chat with the vedors.

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