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Little Architectural Consulting 2019 Health Fair

Tuesday, Apr 2, 2019

615 South College Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


$50.00 or $12.50 SEE BELOW

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About The Event This Event Has Expired

At Little, we have been very successful with our Wellness Fairs over the years. However, it’s been a couple of years since we’ve hosted a Wellness Fair and we are way overdue for one.

Little is a company who understands the value of their employees. We strive to provide employees with a balance between their work lives and their home lives. Our goal is to make available to employees through a variety of means, knowledge about their physical, mental and financial health and to help them to achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

Our employees are highly educated individuals who work hard and many of them play hard as well. A large portion of our employee population is very physically fit and take physical activity very seriously. Many of our employees like hiking, biking, climbing, camping, marathon running and team sports. As with any organization, there are employees who are either unable to participate in physical activity and those who just don’t like it. At Little we understand this and we do our best to encourage Wellness in whatever shape or form that takes. We also encourage a little healthy competition where everyone can participate and enjoy.

In previous years, our fairs have included education around the importance of annual physicals; blood pressure checks, cholesterol screenings, hearing tests, and breast exams. In addition, much of our time at work is sedentary therefore we stress the importance of ergonomics and movement during the day. Stress is another area of importance to us. We strive to provide employees with a variety of options for which to manage stress. We are also a company who understands the importance of giving back to our community. We value opportunities to volunteer throughout our communities with our educational systems, local charities, and through the arts and science.

We look forward to hosting a spectacular Health & Wellness Fair this year and hope that you will partner with us!

Wifi Available: Yes
Food Provided to Vendors: No
Food Provided to Employees: Yes
Can Vendors Sell Products During Health Fair? No
Table Size: 6'
Outside Event: No

Your registration for this event will be submitted directly to the employer for review. The employer will receive an email which includes your registration details and a link to your profile. Make sure you have fully updated your profile before registering. You will be notified of the employer’s decision via email.

Fee Details
• Pay the non-refundable registration fee ($12.50) at the time of registration and pay nothing more if your registration is approved
• It is FREE to register and participate in this Health Fair. REGISTER TODAY!• Pay nothing now and if approved, your card will be billed the above event fee ($50.00)

Approved Exhibitors Receive
• Face-to-face interaction with the full-time insured employees
• Table and chairs (see table size above)
• Linen, electricity, and extra floor space (if needed)

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At Little, we are dedicated to breakthrough ideas that create a better future.

We believe that the collaboration of diverse people from many fields of design is a powerful source of breakthrough ideas. That’s why we’re committed to building an increasingly diverse firm, made up of people with different areas of expertise, from different cultures and generations, with different talents, experiences and passions – because we believe that it is at those intersections where the next great ideas will emerge.

If you ask people at Little what keeps us excited about coming to work each day, you’ll hear that it’s the people, our culture and the chance to be part of creating a better future through our work.

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