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200 N LaSalle Ste 1000, Chicago, IL 60601



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Notice: This event was originally scheduled for Saturday, Mar 13, 2021, however, due to unforeseen circumstances the event is being rescheduled.

CareerBuilder March 2020 Mental Wellness and Self Care Fair



CareerBuilder is excited to host wellness vendors at their upcoming March 2020 vendor fair, providing employees the opportunity to build new relationships in our local area that may contribute to the overall well being of our team. Our focus this year is to engage our employees while also providing them with resources to help manage stress and mental wellness in the workplace. We’re looking forward to connecting with vendors who can help educate employees on the importance of mental wellness and the many ways it can impact physical health, work performance, and we relationships we have. We are also interested in bringing in a variety of vendors who support mental wellness in some way and will engage employees in their eating habits, sleeping habits, skincare, and physical wellness.  We may include several different vendor options within any open category.

This event will be open for employees to flow in and out of during the day so that everyone can attend according to their own schedules. We will also have two speakers coming in to give specialized talks to the employees, those will be scheduled time slots, however, all vendors are welcome to attend those talks if they would like.

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