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We asked over 1000 vendors “How do you follow-up with contacts after participating in a health fair”? Below are the top answers we recieved. We hope this will be helpful to you when following up with leads gathered during the health fair.

I like to follow up within a couple of days, usually with a phone call and an informational email about my services plus a discounted coupon session for having participated at the fair. I collect information through a sign-up sheet or a raffle at the fair. Most people are happy to give that info for a chance to win something. It’s a win-win.
~ Corinna P. Kromer from Inspired Health Energy Medicine & Coaching – Corinna P. Kromer CRMT HTCP Rev

I collect information from people interested to be on my email list on a log sheet that is easily seen on my front end table. Simple .. It includes name, phone and email. Also, anyone that receives bodywork at the event has to fill out a shortened version of my intake form which also asks for this info and more. I generally follow up within a couple of weeks via email.
~ Linda Hutcheson from Soul Flow Healing Thai Massage

Hello. At the health fair, I ask for participants for their email. After the fair, I’ll email them to thank them and then invite them to contact me in the future for an appointment or with any questions. I always make sure that they have my business cards. I might also contact them to ask for a review of my service, and let them know that it was good meeting them. It is always important for me to show appreciation. This all allows for follow up conversations.
~ Cara Taylor from 1958

I have a signup sheet for my newsletter and more information at the booth. For buyers, I send a welcome letter and an invite to my newsletter. I give cards to every visitor to the booth. I send out the e-mails the next day after the event, so I’m (hopefully) still fresh in their minds.
~ Boyd Martin from Pure Energy Rx

At fairs, I have a sign-up sheet with name and email address and boxes for them to check which items interest them the most – stress relief tips, safety tips, EFT tapping tips, or sleep tips. After the event, I send them the tip sheet/s they requested and invite them to join my newsletter. I make sure I explicitly have their permission to keep them on my mailing list. I’m trying to follow the European rules for email opt-ins because I have a lot of international clients and I want the rules to be the same for locals/US folks and for international folks.
~ Jennifer Sutton from What If Wellness

We collect names and email addresses on Sign-up sheets on a clipboard of people at various expos and public places. Even though the sheets include Name, email, address, and telephone number, we let people fill out as much of the form as they feel comfortable doing, so sometimes we get full addresses and telephone numbers, and sometimes only email addresses.

We are still testing the best way to follow-up, but at the event, we also have flyers which invite people to a casual “mixer” about 2-weeks after the event. This gives them a chance to come and get more information, and usually, we have Members/Customers present at the Mixer, who can share their personal experience with the product and/or service.

At this time we send email notification of all events to all the “friends” on our email lists. They will attend events or workshops that interest them.
~ Annie Pierce from NaturaCare® Healing Network

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