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Corporate Automotive Discounts

What is Corporate Automotive Discounts?

Incentives and rebates for Companies Employees when purchasing vehicle(s).

Keep in mind that, whenever you enter a car dealership, it’s open season on your wallet for car salesmen. Just because the price of the car is fixed doesn’t mean there aren’t other parts of the deal where you can lose money. Here is our list of tips to help you maximize the savings and get you the best deal:

  • Research all aspects of the transaction before going to the dealership.
  • Print out prices from the manufacturer’s Web site and and bring printouts with you.
  • Decide how you will finance the vehicle ahead of time: purchase, lease or pay cash.
  • Check your credit or get preapproved financing before you go to the dealership.
  • Make sure you know about any additional rebates being offered on the vehicle you want to buy. Rebates are deducted from the negotiated price.
  • If you want to try to negotiate below the employee discount, do this by getting comparative quotes from competing dealerships through the Internet.
  • Steer clear of additional products and services offered in the finance and insurance office when you sign the contract.

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