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Child care centers provide care and education to young children whose parents either work during the day or want to socialize their children at a young age. When operated appropriately, child care centers can contribute significantly to the social, emotional and intellectual growth of children.

Five steps to choosing childcare:

1. Draw up a shortlist using information from your local Family Information Service – check the hours that they can provide childcare, the hourly/daily/weekly cost and if they have places available for your child.

2. Visit several settings and ask questions about the childcare provided (see below).

3. Make the big decision – it might help to take a friend and/or your child on the visits to help you decide.

4. Take up references from other parents who have used that service.

5. Book your child’s place (you may need to pay a retainer fee to keep the place open until your child starts) and arrange details like hours, start date, who is allowed to pick up your child.

Take up references

It is advisable for you to take up at least two references. Childcare providers should be happy to give you names of other parents to speak to about the service they provide.

 (Source: Family and Childcare Trust)

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