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What is a Cardiologist?

Cardiologists are internal medicine physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases of the cardiovascular system. Cardiologists can also help patients who are in good health learn about the risk factors for and the prevention of heart disease. Although all cardiologists are clinical internists who medically manage their patients, they may also sub-specialize in several different areas, including: 

• Adult clinical cardiology, which focuses on the diagnosis, medical management, and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

• Pediatric cardiology, which focuses on heart problems in children.

• Interventional cardiology, which focuses on interventional diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease (i.e., balloon angioplasty and stent placement).

• Advanced cardiac imaging, such as echocardiographycardiac CT, and cardiac MRI, and nuclear medicine, which focus on diagnostic imaging of the heart and blood vessels.

• Electrophysiology, which focuses on the electrical conduction system of the heart.

 (Source: The International Heart Institute Foundation)

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