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Available Events for the Hormone Therapy Category

The Springs Company & Affiliates 2022 Employee Health Fair

About The Event:

The Springs Company is a well-capitalized company owned by the Close family in Fort Mill, SC.  We are multi-faceted and daily have the opportunity to serve the Fort Mill and surrounding communities in multiple ways.  Our diverse team makes all of this happen, and we are excited to announce our …

Greenville Utilities Commission 2022 Employee Health Fair

About The Event:

The Greenville, NC Utilities Commission is excited to announce our 2020 employee health fair.  This event will provide our 469 employees the opportunity to connect with new wellness resources that we anticipate will …

Town of Wake Forest, NC 2021 Employee Health Fair

About The Event:

Due to the COVID Delta variant, The Town of Wake Forest has made the difficult decision to postpone their 2021 health fair to 2022. Thanks for your understanding and we hope to see you all next year.
The Town of Wake Forest, NC is excited to host their annual employee wellness fair on …

City of King – 2022 Health Fair

About The Event:

6th Annual Health Fair!!
The City of King is excited to host their 6th annual employee wellness fair in May 2019.  The event is being held in conjunction with their annual benefits fair in which attendance is mandatory for all full-time employees.  The city places a high value on the health of their employees and because space …

beWell@KEMI Virtual Wellness Fair

About The Event:

KEMI supports the overall health and well-being of our employees and their families. We have a holistic approach with our wellness program, beWell@KEMI, with extensive benefits including free telemedicine and a weight loss program, an EAP for the employee’s household, financial and retirement education, and a dedicated team of volunteers …

Trustbridge – Spring into Wellbeing Virtual Health Fair

About The Event:

Our goal is to provide our employees with an introduction to wellness resources that may contribute to their overall health and well-being! We will be selecting multiple vendors in each category so we may give our employees as many options as are available to them. If you feel your services …

Guilford Child Development 2022 Virtual Health Fair

About The Event:

Founded in 1967, Guilford Child Development successfully continues a legacy of providing the building blocks for school and life success by providing underserved young children of Guilford County a quality preschool experience.
Each year Guilford Child Development is committed to educating their employees on how to become healthier and happier by …

Furnitureland South 2022 Employee Health Fair

About The Event:

At Furnitureland South, we care about our customers and we care about our team members that help take care of our customers!  We’re excited to announce our 2022 employee health fair which will provide our team the opportunity to develop new relationships with wellness vendors in and around the local …