Bring Breast Cancer Awareness to the Workplace


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and a great opportunity to reach out to your employees and local community through education, fundraising and events. However, getting your business involved in the good cause doesn’t need to be a huge sacrifice in time or finances. Engage your employees while raising money for breast cancer with these 4 easy ideas.

1. Hold a “Pay to Dress Down Day” at the office: Set a minimum donation requirement and allow participating employees to wear casual clothing for a specified day. Or, if you’re feeling especially ambitious – an entire week! Most people can’t resist the opportunity for jeans and a t-shirt at work, so it’s typically easy to get employees involved. *Tip: If your business already allows casual clothing on a daily basis, consider an “all pink outfit day” or wacky hat or glasses day.

2. Pink Employee Pancake Breakfast: Kick off awareness month by encouraging employees and coworkers to come to work early one day for a pink themed pancake breakfast. All you need is a little food coloring or strawberries to add a festive twist. Set out a donation jar where people will be picking up their plates to help encourage active support. *Tip: Leave the jar in a central location like the break room to keep donations coming all month long. The loose pocket change goes further than you might think!

3. Throw a Halloween Costume Party and Charge a Small Cover at the Door: Think of October and you probably also can’t help but think of smiling jack-o-lanterns and children eagerly yelling “trick or treat”. Join your fundraising cause with the excitement of Halloween by hosting a party filled with potluck-style food, fun decorations, costumes and music. Incorporate the best costume contest (with prizes) to help increase attendance and charge a reasonable entry fee at the door for donation purposes. *Tip: Cut down on party costs by asking guests to pitch in for decorations or prizes or inquire about donations from local businesses. Most people are willing to help out for a good cause when you just ask!

4. Auction Off a Favored Parking Spot: Holding an office-wide raffle or auction is another great way to raise funds quickly – and a top parking space can be a low-cost prize! Putting a ‘desirable’ parking space up for grabs for a week (or even a month if you can swing it) should get employees eager to donate. How does your business participate in breast cancer awareness month? Trying anything new this year? Share your ideas in the comments!

Written By: Nicole Botti, Staff Writer, IAB Health Productions, LLC

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