7 Holiday Inspired Ideas for a Healthier Workplace

With decadent dishes, excessive drinks and parties galore, the holidays are the toughest time of year to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Help keep your employees mindful this holiday season with these tips for healthier ways to keep things festive.

1. Share holiday food facts: Make the nutrition information for favorite holiday dishes readily available to your employees by printing them off on index-sized cards that they can take with them. Be sure to include portion size, calorie, fat, and sugar content. Reinforce nutrition awareness in company newsletters and other communication. You can get the nutrition information for popular holiday dishes here.

2. Offer healthier alternatives: You’re employees will probably be negatively shocked by the calorie content in some of their favorite dishes, so this is a great opportunity to introduce healthier options. Let them know about simple ways to lighten up some of the traditionally heavier holiday dishes. Or an even better option is to provide these healthier alternatives at your holiday potluck or party. Engage employees by encouraging them to bring and share their own healthier recipes.

Bonus tip – Make things even more fun by having your employees vote for the best revamped healthy dish at the potluck and provide the winner with a holiday prize.

3. Keep portion size in mind: Provide your employees with visual examples of proper portion size. Share this Thanksgiving portion guide with employees and pre-cut things like pies and casseroles into proper servings before calling them to dig in at any seasonal office parties.

4. Provide flexible break times: With daylight hardly sticking around past quitting time, many people get even less exercise than usual. Encourage breaks during lunch or other daylight hours to keep your employees focused on outdoor activity.

5. Organize exercise events: Try to motivate your employees to move more by focusing on group exercise events, such as walks before or after work or yoga sessions. Lead by example by having higher-ups at your company participate in local holiday-themed events, such as a Turkey Trot, and encourage all employees to join as well.

6. Consider gym reimbursements or discounts: Check out nearby gyms and see if you are able to offer your employees a corporate discount or reimbursement on their gym fees.

7. Reach out to your health fair vendors: Do you give out holiday gift bags to your employees and have hosted a health fair this past year? Incorporate elements of wellness by reaching out to your favorite health fair attendees or current providers for samples that you can pass on to your employees.

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Will you be trying any of these tips with your employees this holiday season? Have anything to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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