What Happens To a Traumatized Brain

What Happens To a Traumatized Brain

Dr. Jo * TulaSoul


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Monday, Nov 14, 2022

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When trauma occurs, there are specific changes that occur in the brain. I offer seminars and workshops to discuss the following: various types of trauma;  what happens in different areas of the brain and how this effects emotions and behaviors; how these areas of the brain can ultimately be healed. You will come away with knowledge of the following:

– Types of trauma

– Common reactions to trauma/symptoms

– Why there are symptoms vs. memories

– Specific areas of the brain affected by trauma and how they are affected

– Neurological responses to trauma

– Reason for dissociation and range of dissociation

– Neuroplasticity and what it means for healing from trauma

– How to heal the areas of the brain and heal from trauma

– Types of treatment for trauma- what works and what doesn’t

– Steps toward healing

– Stages of healing

– You will leave with helpful and practical resources

Clients find this seminar helpful since it validates and explains their experiences and symptoms after experiencing trauma.

Cost Description: Cost is to cover expenses and seats for those who cannot afford to pay. *Please let me know if you need a free ticket. Thank you!


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Dr. Jo is a Women’s Holistic Life, Wellness, and Spiritual Coach, as well as Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness instructor at her wellness company TulaSoul. In addition, she is a Wellness Expert at Well Me Right. She is also a writer, speaker, and passionate social activist. Although she sees women who present with all kinds of concerns, Dr. Jo specializes in the following areas: addiction; anxiety; codependency; communication; disordered eating and body image; empowerment; ptsd; relationships; and trauma. Dr. Jo believes in blending Eastern and Western medical theories and methodologies to heal mind, body, and spirit.

Career History

When she was only twelve-years-old Dr. Jo knew she was going to pursue a degree as a psychologist, since she was fascinated by the human psyche and felt called to help others.

After earning her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Jo worked at the University of Minnesota Child Psychiatry Department as a Research Coordinator and Therapist; then at outpatient clinics as a therapist. She decided to open a private practice where she specializing in trauma, seeing a diverse range of clients for individual, couples, family, and group therapy.

After thirteen successful years in private practice, Dr. Jo wanted to offer a more holistic approach and specialize in women’s wellness. She proceeded to get certified in three areas of coaching and further her training as a yoga teacher (she has over 1,000 hours of teacher training). She opened a new business called ‘TulaSoul.’ The word ‘tula’ means ‘balance’ in Sanskrit, ‘wind’ in Finnish, and ‘poem’ in the Philippines.

Professional Organizations and Associations               

Dr. Jo is a member of the International Coaching Federation, Global and MN Chapter; the Yoga Alliance (RYT-500, YACEP) https://my.yogaalliance.org/people/jo-l-e-ryt-200; the Yoga Specialists, whose goal is to spread the joy, healing, and power of yoga to as many people as possible, through an environment of accessibility, inclusivity, and respect; and the Yoga Service Council, which aims to make yoga and mindfulness community-centered, culturally-sensitive, and inclusive for all. Dr. Jo is also a member of the following organizations: Business Leader’s Mastermind, EmpowerWomen.Org, SoulWork, The Coven, and a Board Member of Twin Cities Well Connected Professionals.


Dr. Jo is a strong advocate for social justice and volunteers for https://www.humanizemyhoodie.com/ a Minneapolis-based organization that works toward racial equality by educating, uplifting communities, and promoting BIPOC art and artists. In addition, she is an ambassador for the Eating Disorders Coalition, which pushes bills forward to Congress for research, prevention, and treatment of eating disorders.

In addition, Dr. Jo volunteers for the  DEIJB committee of the International Coaching Federation, MN Chapter. This committee’s mission is to cultivate a multi-cultural community of coaches for advancing the coaching profession through professional development, networking, and adherence to ICF professional and ethical standards making ICF MN the premier organization for coaches of all ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

In the past, Dr. Jo has volunteered for Saving Jane. This non-profit works toward educating and preventing sex and labor trafficking and providing treatment and support services to trafficking survivors. She’s also volunteered for non-profits helping underserved women get resources and services to be empowered and live their best lives. 

Dr. Jo also mentors young women as they navigate their early adulthood and begin their independent life and career journeys. 

Q & A

What problem does your business solve for your customers/clients?

“As a women’s holistic coach and yoga teacher, I like to think that rather than solving their problems, I empower women to celebrate their unique identities, boldly use their voice, and proudly take up space.”

How do these women know how to come to you for this problem? Is yoga the lead into coaching?

“Great question! Some women are specifically seeking coaching, and we stick to that agenda. Many coaching clients want to delve into yoga, so I incorporate movement and meditation into our sessions. Some clients choose to have separate yoga sessions each week. Some coaching clients, when they have accomplished all of the goals they initially established, choose to continue meeting with me for individualized yoga/meditation/mindfulness sessions. I also have some clients I teach individualized, trauma-informed, body-positive yoga. It’s entirely up to each client, and what a client wants and needs can change over time.”

How much do you share about yourself during our time together, and why?

“I am not a traditional “blank-face” coach who is anonymous and remains a stranger. Based on personal and professional experience, having a real connection, which includes some give-and-take, is essential. I disclose only when it serves my client and only when relevant. I believe in being relatable and imperfect.”

What led you to become a wellness practitioner?

“When I was 12 years old, I was hospitalized with anorexia. I was so fascinated by my therapist and how she helped me and so moved by the desire to help others that I decided my calling was to become a psychologist. My decision never wavered, which was truly a gift from a challenging circumstance. Helping others heal and grow is a calling, not a career. I love what I do!”

Do you assign homework and activities for me to do between sessions, why or why not?

“Yes, but they are always suggestions and always optional. I don’t believe in mandatory assignments or homework since I want my clients to have full agency over their healing process. However, there are a lot of worksheets and journaling assignments that I’ve found to be personally and professionally useful.”

Testimonials from Clients:                                             

“Dr. Jo has a lot going for her. Not only is she an amazing holistic life coach, yoga master, and overall mind expert, she is brilliant, talented, beautiful, funny, kind, empathic, passionate, and authentic. Her poetry, an example below, swallows me in emotions while waking that part of me which allows me to fly. If you need help dealing with trauma, stress, decisions, or whatever, contact her and she’ll bring the joy back into your life.”
-Chandra Rice

“I have known Jo for 21 years and she is an excellent attribute to any healing that one might seek. She teaches anything from yoga, breathing, and meditation to serious issues of pain, grief and mental disorders. She has a beautiful disposition and personality, and truly cares about each client. I highly recommend her services.”
-Jill Ressen

“She has helped me so much with my mental health and through my journey of becoming a yoga instructor! I highly recommend her!”
-Alyssa Petti

“Dr Jo has improved my life in so many ways she Is teaching me how to love and except myself..I am still a work on progress but I could not do it without her. I appreciate her and am thankful I finally found someone who could help me find my authentic self.”
-Gina Ferrara

“When I was matched with Dr. Jo and read her bio, everything she had experience with and was interested in matched with everything I was looking for in a coach! We’ve had a few sessions so far, and I have never felt so comfortable with a therapist/coach right off the bat. I can tell she cares about me and my thoughts/feelings. She listens well, is able to give good advice and guidance. She doesn’t just sugarcoat things and is real with me. Its nice to have a non-judgmental space to process and dove deeper into who I am and who I want to become. I am so thankful we connected, and I’m looking forward to working with her long term!”
-Malerie Brill

Testimonials from Colleagues:                                       

“At an early age, Dr. Jo had a desire to help people. With her expertise, she loves helping women on their journey life. She is a holistic coach, offers yoga, pilates, mediation, mindfulness teacher…just to name a few. She is very passionate and enjoys each moment with her clients.”
-Senida Selinas

“Dr Jo is extremely professional and has a wealth of knowledge….I honor her both as a doctor, as well as a very special spiritual human being.”                                             -Michael Bradford

“Dr Jo is a genuinely kind and empathetic person. I’ve been continually impressed with her giving spirit, and her willingness to partner with me on my journey. I’ve found her to be an intuitive listener who helps me feel deeply heard and understood, which is a priceless experience. I feel very fortunate to have met her, and look forward to seeing what we will be able to create together!”
-Natalie Fayman

“Professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding PSTD and TBI. I attended an educational Zoom webinar and was quite impressed with her knowledge. Her presentation was akin to drinking from a firehose. We received a great deal of information in a short period of time. It was time well spent.” -David Well, CHWL

“Dr. Jo has a wealth of knowledge and experience with traditional and holistic health. Plus, she really cares about people! Lastly, she values multiculturalism.”
-Christie Lea Thompson

“You can sense her spirit of kindness with every conversation. A true gift to this world :)”
-Jeff Walker

Career Highlights

Dr. Jo has had poems published in literary journals. She states, “I write poems to both define, and escape from, reality.”

She has been interviewed and featured on many podcasts and in magazines, including Edna White’s podcast epiosode, “The Only Black Woman in the Room, A View From All Sides of the Room, and a feature in the magazine VoyagaATL. 

***tula soul was Voted Best Local Business 2022 Alignable Business Networking Site


Favorite Quote

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
Audre Lorde


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