Stress Management and Mindfulness

Stress Management and Mindfulness

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Raleigh

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45 minutes

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We’d like to offer a free 45-minute webinar on stress management and mindfulness. In the webinar, the participants will have the chance to experience a few of our most important practices for mind and body stress management:

Breathing – everyone knows that breathing is fundamental to life. But not all breathing is the same. Learn how to optimize your breathing for maximum energy and minimum stress, anywhere, anytime.

Gentle Stretching – you’ve probably done stretching before, but you might not have experienced Meridian Stretching. Body & Brain utilizes simple, effective exercises to release tension and help your mind and body feel more balanced and bright.

Body Tapping – you may have heard of body tapping. It’s an essential mindfulness practice that can help you relieve tension, increase focus, and feel more energized. Body tapping is one of Body & Brain’s signature exercises.

The webinar will be a combination of lecture and practice, so you’ll want everyone to have a little space to move. The exercises we do will be easy enough for complete beginners, but deep enough for veteran practitioners to enjoy.

For each component of the webinar, the instructor will explain the basic principles and benefits, and then guide participants to try for themselves. Basically, we’ll let you experience how these simple mindfulness practices can help you feel better when managing stress. We think you’ll notice a difference!

At Body & Brain, we have been teaching these practices for over 24 years at locations across the United States. We are proud to be a national leader in the field of holistic exercise and mindfulness. We tailor each of our webinars to the needs and interests of the audience, so let us know what would be most beneficial for you!

Please contact Susan Lee, 919-518-0890, to talk a little more about the webinar!

Cost Description: Free for your employees!


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Body & Brain is a national leader in holistic health and wellness. Our classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation, detox and rhythmic movement combine East Asian healing and energy philosophies along with modern neuroscience. Classes aren’t just for physical health they also open your mind and heart.

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