Healthy Habits for Busy Managers

Healthy Habits for Busy Managers

Lisa M Shulman

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8 Weeks

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This 8-week campaign provides busy managers with a comprehensive suite of tips, tools, and resources to develop healthy habits for home, work, and travel. This campaign offers eight Lunch and Learns that can be facilitated to managers onsite and/or through live and recorded webinars and includes weekly participation and health-promoting activities. Campaign Topics: Stress Management; Time Management; Healthy Eating Parts 1 and 2; Physical Activity; Sleep; Digital Detox; and a Wrap-Up / Q&A session.

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Are you ready to improve your heath and wellbeing? I’m ready to partner with you to set goals, map out a plan of action and work together to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Through clearly defined goals and attainable steps, we’ll work to achieve a lifetime of wellbeing not just short term results.


Certified Nutrition Consultant, CNC
Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador, MWWA
Certified Executive Wellness Coach, CEWC
Stress Master Associate


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