Healthier Together Series

Healthier Together Series

Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi


Per Workshop

1 Hour

This is a Corporate Event , we come to you!

We will travel 0-25 Miles beyond 07470

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You provide the group and we will provide the education materials,  exercises, and an interactive group experience to share at your work site.

 *Topics you can choose from, for a 1 hour workshop include:

  1. Back Health
  2. Immune System Health
  3. Gut Health
  4. Heart Health
  5. Kidney Health
  6. Mindful Eating
  7. Joint Health
  8.  Brain Health
  9. Stress  Release & Management
  10. Choose your own topic to be customized for your group

*You can easily set up a Healthier Together Workshop once a month, quarterly or yearly for all your wellness needs.


AV Needs: Requirements for workshop: Projector Screen for slide show, chairs spaced out to allow body movement and microphone if needed.

Cost Description: Fee includes slides show presentation, handouts, group training and free trial class coupons for all participants to one of our 4 locations.


About The HostContact Provider

We follow a 5 step approach of Yoga and Brain Education for a powerful holistic self-development experience. The perfect balance of traditional eastern practices for energy and mindfulness development and new findings from neuroscience and brain education.

Step 1 Sensitizing

Awakening and Strengthening Brain-Body Senses

Step 2 Versatilizing

Making the Brain more flexible and adaptable.

Step 3 Refreshing

Freeing one’s Brain from negative memories and habits.

Step 4 Intergrating

Intergrating Brain function and unleashing untapped potential.

Step 5 Mastering

Enhanced executive control and faculty of both hemispheres of the brain.

Simple tools for your daily life to create more sustained energy to become the owner of your health, happiness, and peace. Our practice includes Meridian Strecthing, Bouncing and Tapping, Energy Meditation, Powerful Breathing Exercises, Tai Chi/Ki Gong and many self-healing accupressure methods that are fun and easy, to learn. You will feel the results for yourself through this practice and design a deeper connection between your body and brain that will enhance all areas of your life. With proper exercises, experience and our step by step guidance longevity of life is possiblie.

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