Create Your Own Vision Board

Create Your Own Vision Board

Gidget Carrizales, Certified Health & Life Coach


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1 Hour

This is a Corporate Event , we come to you!

We will travel 0-50 Miles beyond 27360

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In this FUN guided workshop, employees will be encouraged to determine & write out their goals, feelings and sensations, as well as the imagery associated with that goal for all of their Big Five Areas of Life. Once they feel complete, now it is time to get creative! They will cut out images from magazines that best represent their imagery of their Big 5 Areas of life’s goals and glue to their Vision Boards. Then will be encouraged to place in an area where they view each day.

Cost Description: Employer will need to purchase 16 x 16 Blank Canvases and Glue for employees...and/or I can purchase and employer re-reimburse. Employees must bring magazines, print outs and/or newspapers from home for this workshop.

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Hi! My name is Gidget Carrizales and I am a Certified Health & Life Coach, I partner with Employers to increase the Health and Wellness of their Employees. Together helping to work towards minimizing medical cost, lost production, etc due to employee illness such as Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease and/or Hypertension.

I also specialize in helping Women with Digestive Issues & Belly Bloat, Double their Energy and Transform their body so they can start living the life they deserve! Without giving up WINE & Chocolate!

Are you and your employees ready to feel ALIVE by finding out what is stopping them, slowing them down or getting in their way?

You know we most often talk…talk about what we need to do, what we should have done, what we should or shouldn’t be doing…right?

We all know what we NEED to do…we just don’t always do it…because we don’t know how…or maybe we started with action and had awesome intentions several times…only to end up right back where we started and most often even worse. This is not just about food…I am talking health, career, relationships, finances, etc.

What is missing, is the right SUPPORT, System and the right ACCOUNTABILITY!

These 3 things are what make our Actions and Intentions stick… lifestyle changes start happening and they stick…where it just becomes what you do.

I coach individuals through my 90 Day Signature Program “Double Your Energy & Transform Your Body NOW”! Transformation Program (I offer a “Complimentary” Breakthrough Session to all employees at the end of my workshops)

I also offer Corporate Group Coaching Programs for any employers that are interetsed in investing in this service for their employess (please fill free to contact me for more info on this service)

I have included some Before & After photos as a result of my 90 Day Program




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