Budgeting During A Crisis

Budgeting During A Crisis

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Due to unprecedented times, we’ve amended our traditional Budgeting Basics module to provide a special edition version that focuses solely on “Budgeting During a Crisis.”

While every individual situation is different, our goal is to provide you with crisis-budgeting best practices, ideas on creative income streams and information about resources available to help you during this time.


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At BB&T now Truist, our purpose is to inspire and build better lives and communities. Our Financial Wellness Program offers educational seminars and special Financial Wellness Portal for our @Work companies for their employees. Below is a list of seminars that we offer to help your employees improve their financial wellbeing.

Virtual Seminars – We can provide educational seminars covering topics such as credit scores, first time home ownership, budgeting & savings, and more. A special presentation our team has created for 2020 is entitled, “Budgeting During a Crisis.”

Financial Wellness Portal – A free resource where your employees can participate in a “Financial Check Up,” review retirement milestones, and access our interactive course curriculum called Financial Foundations.

We are conveniently locate on your desktop or mobile device. For more information about our Virtual Seminars and Financial Wellness Portal please email Pam Jarmon at pjarmon@bbandt.com or Tori Baker at tori.baker@bbandt.com.

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