Autism: Its causes and Cures

Autism: Its causes and Cures

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What is it? Why does it happen? How can it be cured? The answers are found in this powerful talk. Parents of these children are educated about the dangers of vaccines and mercury poisoning. There is hope for the future of these children with methods to help remove the harmful toxic chemicals put into their bodies at the formative stages of their development. Give these children hope for a future free from drugs and psychiatric labels.

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Our goal is to assist your body to regain its function. Well before you get a symptom your body may malfunction and eventually reveal itself as symptoms. A symptom is the bodys way of telling you something is wrong. treating the symptom alone may not address why it is there to begin with. Example: If you had a pebble in your shoe the solution would be to take it out, not massage it or inject it , or take pain meds. the cause of pain is the pebble htting the nerve in the foot. Treating the cause yields good results most of the time. sometimes there is no help if wait to long and tissue destruction takes place. Functional Medicine adresses the causes by addressing the malfunction. Our office has for over 30 years looked at 6 interferences that have a direct affect on function and health. The six interferences to health are. 1. Structure . nerve interference has shown to affect organs ,muscles ,and health. 2. Electrical . The body encapsules 12 energy lines called meridians acupuncture assists in balalncing these deliate channels to restore balance and harmony to ones health . We have state of the art digital acugraphing to show on display any imbalances the body my have. In 1985 , Dr. Bannard has achieved the distinguished title of FELLOW of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. 3. Nutritional Deficiencies; careful evaluation is made through blood tests , saliva hormone testing, and detailed questionaires to determine a program of care that will support your body to regain function. 4. Allergy/Sensativities We use state of the art NANO SRT technology a form of biofeedback to see what and hoe these stressers have been affecting your wellness. imagine background phone apps wearing down your phone battery. shutting these apps off would increase power. thats what the nano SRT does. 5. Emotion:   past negative emotional patterns  playing in your mind can ruin ones health. 6. Toxins: Heavy Metals in the air, water and food combined with envirnmental toxins Stress our bodies and can cause serious impact on hor health. In most cases  can find and eliminate these toxins through celation therepy, detox footbaths,  and homeopathy. We use hair analysis, blood work and other means to determine if toxins are affecting you. So instead of going to six different doctors to address your full needs. We can do it under one roof. If we can help you we will tell you. If we cannot we will tell you that too. and refer you out to the appropriate doctor who can.

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