Advancing the Mindset of DEI: Heightened Awareness, Informed Action, Intentional Being

Advancing the Mindset of DEI: Heightened Awareness, Informed Action, Intentional Being

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are not just buzz words or the latest talking points for corporate executives.  Instead, they should become the ongoing lifestyle for any healthy organization and its employees.  In this interactive discussion, we will cover the three non-negotiable steps for a flourishing DEI initiative:

  • Heightened Awareness—Effective change does not occur in a vacuum.  Learn how to identify and understand your company’s DEI starting point at every employment level.
  • Informed Action—Effective change does not occur without commitment to the undertaking.  Learn how to encourage accountability, both on the corporate and individual scale.
  • Intentional Being—Effective change does not occur sporadically.  Learn how to encourage buy-in to transition from one-time DEI educational events and advice to ongoing transformation in the organization.

[While the discussion can be applied to both leadership and employees, given its interactive nature, it is best suited to one audience at a time.]

AV Needs: screen, projector with HDMI cable, microphone


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