8000 Bluffton Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM


8000 Bluffton Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46805



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Bowmar Wellness Fair

COVID-19 Precautions.  We will provide a mask hand sanitizer and follow social distancing rules.  We are an essential business and our employees have not missed work due to any COVID-19 sickness.  We keep our facility clean and encourage our employees to be safe.


We are holding a health fair that is an educational and interactive event designed for outreach to provide basic preventive medical screening to the people here at Bowmar or employees at work in conjunction with workplace wellness.  We have been doing monthly health challenges like drinking 8 glasses of water a day.  Making sure to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.  We are working on starting good health habits and keeping them. For those of you who will consider attending our event, we’ve continued to work within our facility for the duration of COVID, and have navigated it well.  We’ve taken excessive precautions as outlined by the FAA (an industry we support) to keep our employees safe and well and continuing to work.  We’ve not had any challenges.  These practices will continue on through the day of our event so we hope that you’ll be open to supporting us!

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Bowmar Website

Electrical engineer Ed White, a former Harvard University research assistant and employee of the trailblazing Farnsworth Radio and Television Corporation, started Bowmar in his Fort Wayne, Ind., garage in 1951 at the age of 23.
Six months later, after initially investing $3,500 of his own money and borrowing $6,500 from friends, the expanding business was moved to a loft in an aircraft hangar and later increasingly more substantial spaces. The business has been in its current 80,000 square foot location since 1956.
The company’s initial focus was the design and manufacture of fine-pitch precision gearing for commercial and defense aerospace applications. Typical product applications were instruments, counters, and gear heads. Over time, as cockpit controls migrated towards electromechanical and electronic technologies, the company developed competence in those areas.
Bowmar’s precision devices have been applied in a variety of landmark products, including the F-4, F-15, F-16, A-10, F-18, F-22, various commercial aircraft, including the Boeing 747, 737 and 787, Bombardier business jets and Virginia Class Submarines. Bowmar’s products went to the moon on the Apollo Lunar Excursion Module. One of the company’s most significant defining moments came in 1971 when it produced the world’s first hand-held calculator. The Bowmar Brain sold for $240 and ushered in a new frontier of global technological advances. However, since its inception, Bowmar’s primary market has remained aerospace and defense.
Over the years, Bowmar has gone through some changes, including acquisitions and mergers that ultimately led to a new name, White Electronic Designs Corporation. In 2010, White Electronic Designs Corporation reached an agreement to sell the original Fort Wayne business to a group of Fort Wayne investors, the Main Street Venture Fund, and the Bowmar name returned to the aerospace market. The intent of the Main Street Venture Fund was to rebuild the business, maintain the local employment, and preserve the industry expertise that had been developed over 60 years. Significant investment has been made since 2010 to position Bowmar to grow and serve its customers for many years to come.

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